There are so many links available on google to play the 76 game on your pc 

For employees and students, you must use an unblocking site to play the game on your pc 

The developer has developed a 76 Unblocking game for them to play on their office system or school pcs. 

If you want to play the game on another site rather than their official site then you can try on google. 

Step 1: Go to google and Search for 76 Latest version 

Step 2: You will get site or in the result, click on any link. 

Step 3: Your favorite game page will open. 

Step 4: If you open site then comes down and find your game link to play. 

Step 5: Log in with your Gmail id to take life and survival credits. 

Step 6: Start to play 

Click below button to play 1v1lol76 game