Remove Ads in 1v1 lol 76 Unblocking Game For Free

How to Remove Ads in 1v1 lol 76 Unblocking Game For Free?

The 1v1 lol game is one of the best and top-notch games among battle and shooting games. But the only question is How to remove ads in 1v1 lol 76. Since the players are facing too many ads during the game which are annoying too much. Players have already complained about this issue with developers. 

How to remove ads in 1v1 lol 76
How to remove ads in 1v1 lol 76

Once you start the game, at the first click you will get a 20+ second advertisement video running. It will take some seconds to pop up the close button. After closing this ad video, an immediate second ad will start to play. It is very irritating.

Closing both ads your first game will load. After finishing the first level or game another advertisement video will come before starting the second game. For beginners, it is impossible to bear these ads. Some gamers will end up quitting the game or uninstalling the game.

I have come up with three best solutions for Remove Ads in 1v1 lol 76 Unblocked games. It will help you to play the Battle Royale Game without any annoyance. I tried all the way to test whether those methods work or not. I would suggest you guys try this method. 

  1. Purchase Starter Bundle
  2. Install Ad Blocker and Use VPN
  3. Use Data Connection Off Method

Purchase Starter Bundle

This is not a free method to remove ads in 1v1 lol 76. Starter Bundle is a paid package to remove ads from the game. Some paid skin characters will bypass ads. You can also purchase a ‘’Remove-ad pack’’ for around $3. But these direct ad removal packages are available on iOS mobiles only. 

For Android devices, you must go with some in-purchase packs. It will give you an ad-free option. Desktop users and android users can use other two methods to remove ads in between games. 

Install Ad Blocker and VPN

Ad blocker extensions are the best solution to bypass ads on your browser. To install an ad blocker you must visit the chrome web store or another browser web store where you will find extensions. 

Find any one ad blocker extension and install it to your web browser. Check whether it is working for you or not. Because some ad blockers may not work in your country, you need to check with different ad blockers. 

Different Ad Blocker Extensions: 

If any ad blocker is not working for you to avoid ads on the 76 game then use any VPN provider extensions to change your system IP. 

Use Data Connection Off Method

It is not an official solution to Remove Ads in 1v1 lol 76 games. It is just a trick to bypass the ad pop-ups in between every game. 

So, do not share it with others. Come closer, I am sharing it in your ear. 

  1. Open your game and Click the ‘’play’’ button.
  2. Immediately swipe down your notification bar on your mobile.
  3. Turn off your Data Connectivity
  4. Now go to your game screen
  5. Your play screen will pop up without ad serving. 
  6. Now again swipe down the notification bar and turn on your data connectivity
  7. Again open the game screen and check it runs appropriately without ads.
  8. Repeat this strategy once you finish your first level in the game. 

This trick may irritate you, but this is a simple and free method to bypass advertisements easily. Try it once and come to my article and comment below with your opinion.


I have collected this information after a lot of research on google and Youtube. I have seen many reviews which are given for games by users on different platforms such as the app store, google play store, and youtube asking about how to Remove Ads in 1v1 lol 76 Unblocked game. I hope this article definitely will help you, people, to solve your issue.  

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you like my article. If you have any queries or suggestions then please feel free to comment below or contact us

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Q: How to remove ads on 76 for free?

A: There are two free methods available to remove ads from 76.
1. Use Ad Blocker Extensions
2. Off and On your date connectivity on every level. 

Q: What is the cost for an ad-free pack?

A: Around $2.9

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