How to Play Unblocked Game in school

How to play Unblocked game in school?

I know you are really looking for the solution to the question ‘’How to play Unblocked game in school’’. Because it is common that school computers never support online games and block them. But students still want to play the games in school. 

So let’s learn some simple techniques to bypass the security system from your computer to play your favorite game ‘’ unblocked’’. I know it is against your school’s regularity. But my motto is to satisfy a genuine gamer and to entertain students with unblocked game. 

I will come to a solution directly. Basically, it is a common question ‘’How to play Unblocked game in school’’  arises among the students. To bypass security blocks in school computers you must go with proxy sites. Or else you can use the VPN setting. 

What are Proxy Sites?

Proxy sites are the best way to bypass blocked servers in your computer system in school. In case you are hearing ‘’Proxy Sites’’ for the first time, then I will give a short description of this proxy site so that you can understand what it is. 

A proxy site is a method of changing your game URL using different proxy servers. So you can easily play your favorite game anywhere. This method does not pose any security risks to your computer. This method is called the unblocked method. It is a part of the Unblocked game.

We can also say that a proxy server is a method or a system that creates a gateway in between users and the internet. Therefore proxy always helps to prevent the virus threads or cyber attacks from entering the server. In this case, proxy sites use these servers to prevent blocks. 

How to play Unblocked game in school?

Proxy sites to play Unblocked 76 game

There are many proxy sites available on the internet. Based on your country you can find the best proxy servers or proxy sites to play the game unblocked 76. 

These proxy sites will give you the same game from the same server with different URLs. 

These three proxy sites will help you to bypass internet blocks in school. But make sure first concentrate on your study things and later come to the gaming part. Because only education can make you a perfect figure in society, not a game. 

VPN server to play Unblocked 76

Let’s talk about another method to bypass internet security blocks. That is VPN. VPN is a server system where you can change your system IP address to your preferred location or country. Therefore you can operate your game where it allows you to play. 

There are many paid and free VPNs available on the internet which gives you the option to change the ip address of your system. So that you can try your game. I suggest you try Free VPN extensions which are available on the chrome browser itself.

How to Use VPN For Unblocked 76 Game?

As you know VPN allows you to hide the original proxy server from your device. So that you can play your favorite game Unblocked 76. You can use free VPNs which are available on google chrome itself. I will give you a link here to Free VPN extensions and step-by-step information.  This will help you to reach the extension directly from here. 

Step 1: Go to Google Chrome

Step 2: Search for Chrome Web Store

Step 3: Then search for VPN Extension 

Step 4: Check with different VPN Extensions one by one. 

Step 5: Install VPN Extension on your Chrome Browser

Step 6: Once it is installed, Open a VPN Extension

Step 7: Choose your preferred ip location.

Step 8: Now start playing 76 Unblocked Game. 


I hope my article gave you the best answer to your question ‘’How to play Unblocked game in school’’.  My gentle suggestion to students is not to depend on games during their study time. Focus on your education. Ultimately your education is first as well as needy and next is fun. My intention is just to provide information about alternative methods to access 1v1 games in your school, not to disturb your study time. Follow the school policy. 

Thank you for reading my article. If you liked my content then please rate it below. And don’t forget to comment on your valuable suggestions. 


Q: Is it illegal to use an unblocked site to play a game?

A: No it is not illegal. You can use Unblocked sites to play the game. Because these sites just provide you with different URLs for the same game.

Q: Is it illegal to use Proxy sites to play 76 games?

A: No, it is not illegal to use Proxy sites to play the game. These proxy sites provide different URLs to bypass security system blocks in your school computers. 

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