How to Play 1v1 lol online without Any Downloads

How to Play 1v1 LOL Online without any Downloads

The 76 games is becoming everyone’s favorite one nowadays. We will learn ‘’How to Play 1v1 lol online without any downloads’’ in this article. I guess it is a more required query for the people. 

Some people like me do not want to load their phones by installing such big apps. So they want to play these games online. This article is especially for those who are looking to play the game online without downloading any app. 

How to  Play 1v1 lol online without Any Downloads
How to Play 1v1 lol online without Any Downloads

For android users 1v1 lol 76 game size is 234 MB which is not a big deal. But for iOS users, the game application size is 1GB which is very complicated. Therefore ‘’How to Play 1v1 LOL Online Without Any Downloads’’ article is the most recommended article for them. 

1v1.LOL is a very popular online building and shooting game that can be played without any downloads on your desktops, laptops, android mobiles, and iOS as well. So let’s know ‘’How to Play 1v1 LOL Online Without Any Downloads’’

There are two major methods available to play 1v1 lol online without downloading an application. 

  1. Using online web browser
  2. Using Chrome extensions

Using Online Web Browser

Open your web browser and go to 1v1 lol official site You can use any browser, be it Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox browser, or internet explorer on your smartphone or desktop. 

Step by step Information

  1. Open any web browser and go to the 1v1 lol official site
  2. Then it will redirect to the game page
  3. You can log in with your Gmail id. It is up to you. And it is not necessary. 
  4. Here you Click on the “Play” button to start the game.
  5. Enter your character name (You can enter your name)
  6. You can choose your game mode such as “Quick match” mode or “Custom match.” mode. 
  7. If you choose “Quick match,” then the game will automatically match you with another player of a similar skill level. And start playing. 
  8. If you choose “Custom match,” mode then you can invite a friend to play with you by sharing the game link.
  9. Once you enter the game, you will be given a game tutorial to learn the controls and gameplay mechanics.

You do not need to log in again to the game or your login credentials will not be deleted from the game. Your web browser cache will keep your data carbon copy.  It will help browsers continue with existing credentials. 

It is very difficult for those who work in the office and those who are in school to play 76 games on their respective computers. Because there is some software installed so that such games don’t open. But we have a solution for that. This allows employees and students in the school to play 1v1 games on their computers. Want to know how? If so then you should read our article How to Play 76 games on school or office computers?.

Using Chrome Extensions:

Chrome extension is another option where you can play a game without downloading on the computer. But the only thing is you need to download game extensions to your browser that’s it. There are two extensions available on the chrome web store. 

  1. Unblocked
  2. Unblocked Game

The size of both gaming extensions is just around 25MB, which is recommended. It is simple to play a 1v1lol76 game using these chrome extensions. 

Follow the step to play games on a desktop or laptop using extensions.

  • First, go to Google chrome and search for ‘’Chrome Web Store’’.
  • Search for ‘’’’ 
  • You will find two results, Choose any one.
  • Click on the extension
  • Click to ‘’Add to Chrome’’
  • Click the ‘’Add Extension’’ button on the pop-up window.
  • Extension will automatically download and install to your browser. 
  • Now you can play the game anytime by clicking the added extensions. 


I hope you like my article “How to Play 1v1 LOL Online Without Any Downloads?”. And I think this is a very necessary idea for the gamer. If you have any other doubts or suggestions, you can comment below. Thanks for reading my article and visiting my blog. Visit again. And Don’t forget to rate this article below.


Q: How many 1v1 game extensions are available on the chrome web store?

A: Two

Q: What is the 1v1lol76 official website to play the game?

A: Its official website is

Q: Are 1v1 gaming extensions unblocked sites?

A: Yes

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